23 May 2023


The North Qld Law Association (NQLA) held its annual conference in Cairns on 18 and 19 May.  Offermans was the major sponsor and Principal Michael Brennan delivered the following speech at the opening session.

2023 is the 9th year that Offermans has been the major sponsor of the NQLA conference and the 14th year that our Firm has been Sponsoring this conference. 

In my humble opinion, the NQLA exemplifies everything great about being a Lawyer in North Qld.  The NQLA first and foremost is a Community. Yes, CPD is a part of what you get, but the NQLA is a place where North Qld’s Lawyers can come together and share the experiences that bind us.  

It is a massive privilege to be part of this experience as a sponsor.   It is a privilege that Offermans have prioritized to maintain and continue. 

When reflecting upon the investment that we have made in the relationship with the NQLA, it is apparent to us how much our Firm has grown though our relationship.  The NQLA has been a huge part of our Firm development and the services that we offer to our clients. 

As a direct result of our involvement with the NQLA, Offermans has positioned itself to provide services that were traditionally provided by our peers in Brisbane. 

We have always been, and always will be an insolvency firm providing corporate liquidation, personal bankruptcy and business restructuring advice to Qld businesses that have underperformed. 

That said, from feedback at NQLA conferences past, Offermans identified the need for a Regional Advisory Firm that could provide business valuations to the Family Law Profession.  It is a massive point of pride how well The profession has supported our business valuation offering.  Thank you. 

Again, as a result of our experience at the NQLA, we developed an offering in Deceased Estate management where professional executors were needed to provide closure to grieving parties. Nothing says I love you like a dead relative with assets but we are there to help. 

As a result of our involvement with the NQLA, we also now offer loss of earnings reports for personal injuries practitioners that again, would traditionally be sourced out of Brisbane. 

Offermans prides itself on understanding the unique commercial drivers associated with living and working in Regional Qld. 

Both Dennis and I want to thank the NQLA and more importantly, all of you for accepting us into your community over the past 14 years.  We look forward to our ongoing relationship and more importantly, look forward to working with regional practitioners that understand and value local solutions to local issues.