Cash Flow and Budgeting Forecasts

Cash Flow and Budgeting Forecasts

Cash flow and budgeting forecasts are critical to understanding the current position of your business- its viability, attracting creditor agreement and identifying options to maximise business sustainability through the allocation of possible financial buffers.

As the threats to business from the COVID-19 pandemic continue, understanding the cash flow of your operation has never been more important. A cash flow will allow you to take stock of where your financial challenges lie, the extent of disruption, higher operating costs and lost revenues.

The trusted, expert team at Offermans can help you to identify if your business has enough money to survive the next three, six, 12 and 18 months of operation.

Once a cash flow has been completed, we can support you to identify cash preservation measures and available credit facilities.

By taking decisive action today, you can ensure your business remains agile and as prepared as it can be for what is a rapidly changing business environment.

  The Offermans Approach

How can Offermans help?

In a few steps, our team can help to make sense of your situation, formulate a plan that’s right for you and support you to achieve a solution that sets you free.

Experience: At Offermans, our team calls upon more than five decades of experience in assisting underperforming businesses with exit or recovery strategies, to now position itself as regional Queensland’s leading business improvement firm.

Expertise: Our team sees a future where peace-of-mind, less stress, greater confidence and improved culture result in stronger earnings, smoother operations and more resilient businesses.

Ethics: We provide professional, judgement-free services to guide you or your business through any financial situation.

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