Business Valuations

What is a Business Valuation?

A business valuation provides a full overview of the position and value of a business. Next to someone’s home, their business is usually their biggest investment. Understanding the value of that investment is the key to getting the best out of the asset and the only way of improving the business is to understand how the value of that asset is arrived at.

Who is a Business Valuation for?

Do you own a business, or are you looking to invest a business, divide a business or sell a business but you can’t put a finger on exactly what it’s worth?

A business valuation can solve that issue and ensure any decisions you make are fully informed.

Why do you need a Business Valuation?

Business valuations require an expert assessment of multiple issues.

Our experience over 20 years allows us to understand your business from the inside-out.

Offermans can provide business valuations to business owners and their advisors for a variety of purposes including:

  • Dispute resolution
  • Buying or Selling
  • Banking & Finance
  • Business improvement
  • Succession planning
  • Taxation planning

How can Offermans help?

Experience: At Offermans our team has called upon more than 20 years of experience in assisting underperforming businesses with exit or recovery strategies, to now position ourselves as North Queensland’s leading Business Improvement firm.

Expertise: Our team sees a future where peace-of-mind, less stress, greater confidence and improved culture result in stronger earnings, smoother operations and more resilient businesses.

Ethics: We provide professional, judgement-free services to guide you or your business through any financial situation.

The Process

In a few steps our team can help make sense of your situation, formulate a plan that’s right for you and put it in place to achieve a solution that achieves the resolution you’re after.

  • Confidential & complimentary 1-hour consultation
  • Quote for services specific to your individual needs
  • Offermans to Develop Strategy
  • Offermans implement strategy
  • You achieve peace-of-mind and financial freedom

The First Step

Take control of your financial future.

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