Deceased Estate Management

What is Deceased Estate Management?

The loss of a loved one or business partner is an emotional and stressful time and unfortunately there are often matters relating to their estate which need to be tended to and resolved as well.  In many cases, the emotional strain brings to the fore issues that were never contemplated and can result in disputes that seem to have no solution.

Offermans' Deceased Estate Management service provides for the appointment of an external, independent party to manage all aspects of the estate.

As an independent and trustworthy Deceased Estate Executor Offermans will assist in:

  • fulfilling the provisions of a person’s will;
  • deal with the assets of the deceased estate free from any pre-existing internal pressures that may exist within a group of beneficiaries and;
  • where necessary, seek guidance from the Court to help beneficiaries obtain closure of the financial issues in contention.
  Dispute Solutions

Who is Deceased Estate Management for?

Deceased Estate Management is a service suitable for anyone who requires assistance with, or is in a dispute about, a deceased estate.

Often family members, current or ex partners and business partners seek out this service.

Why do you need Deceased Estate Management?

Disputes relating to a person’s Will are often unavoidable, particularly when the intention of the deceased cannot be easily determined.

Offermans is uniquely placed to independently and objectively take on the role of Deceased Estate Executors to assist in the fulfilment of the Will provisions.

How can Offermans help?

Experience: The Offermans team has over 20 years experience in dealing with Deceased Estate Management

Expertise: Our team boast broad-ranging qualifications including law which enables us to navigate the complicated processes for you.

Ethics: We provide professional, confidential services with a view to achieving the best, and fairest result possible for all involved.

The Process

In a few steps our team can help make sense of your situation, formulate a plan that’s right for you and put it in place to achieve a solution that achieves the resolution you’re after.

  • Confidential & complimentary 1-hour consultation
  • Quote for services specific to your individual needs
  • Offermans to develop & implement strategy
  • You achieve peace-of-mind and financial freedom
  • We Build Your Future. Together.

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