26 June 2019


“At Offermans we recognised that at the very heart of what we do, is our ability to help people move forward…”

Offermans was thrilled to once again sponsor the North Queensland Law Association (NQLA) conference in Townsville in May this year.

Having our brand sit alongside this event in the esteemed company of the Chief Justice of the Queensland Supreme Court, Chief Justice Catherine Holmes and Queensland Law Society President Bill Potts during the official opening was a proud achievement.

The event was a fantastic opportunity for us to mingle with legal professionals and discuss how our services relate to them and their clients.

A Changing World

The world has changed enormously since our first involvement with the NQLA.

The changes to society have translated directly into changes in business. Not just the businesses of legal clients but also the businesses we own and work in.

Professional service delivery continues to fight hard against technological and sociological disruption but there is only so long you can hold back the tide.

 “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Charles Darwin

The Evolution of Offermans

Given the changing environment we operate in, our Firm has also had to reassess our long-held understanding of the market and its participants or risk our services becoming outdated and ineffective.

Believe it or not, formal insolvency appointments- our traditional bread and butter- are at generational lows. We found that within the space of two years our market had all but evaporated.

We attribute this to a combination of Bank and ATO PR nightmares, which have made them reluctant to enforce their debt. What we see now is a “zombie economy”, whereby small businesses are operating all but insolvent, rather than shutting their doors as they would have previously done.

Without those triggers, a huge raft of struggling businesses (many of them are your clients and source of income) have been left to continue to bounce-along-the-bottom of the financial curve.

Our Future

We’re undergoing a re-brand and you will notice we’ve shortened our name to ‘Offermans’ and have a fresh, new look. That’s just the beginning.

At Offermans we recognised that at the very heart of what we do, is our ability to help people move forward.

We bring closure and we provide pathways to a positive financial future.. whether that includes liquidation, asset sales, purchases, business growth, consolidation of debt, bankruptcy etc.

There is always a solution and we will help achieve it.

We look forward to unveiling our new branding and service offerings in full in the coming weeks.

Building Your Future. Together.