Offermans Partners offers expert and  accurate valuation advice.  Our independence to your business' other accounting needs means that our advice is free from conflict real or potential and truly independent.

We can provide valuations across all business demographics from corporate business to SME and micro business valuations. 

We provide a wide range of services for private companies and their investors including valuations of: 

  • companies/businesses for sale or purchase;
  • family businesses for estate and succession planning;
  • joint venture interests; and
  • partnership interests.

Valuations may be provided for such diverse purposes as:

  • independent expert reports;
  • business restructuring and refinancing;
  • litigation support and disputes;
  • mergers, acquisitions and disposals;
  • quantification of intangible assets;
  • valuation for dispute resolution and expert opinion;
  • purchase and sale valuations;
  • valuations for pre-lending; and
  • family law matter valuations.

We appreciate how to report value according to accounting, tax and regulatory rules, allowing third parties to understand the worth of an entity to enable informed business and investment decisions.

  • Establishing a proper value for a business can be a complex task.  A valuation should comprise of more than just analyzing the balance sheet and operating statements.
  • We devote time to understanding the fundamental drivers of each business under review so that we deliver an objective and independent opinion each time.
  • We understand that every business is different.  This is why we approach each business valuation as unique.  While there are many well established valuation principles that are commonly used, nothing can be substituted for having a thorough understanding of the drivers of each business.